Citing Sources -- APA 7th ed.

Social Media

Cite only original content from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.  

If both the author's real name and user name are known, provide the real name of the author, followed by the username in [square brackets].

If audiovisuals are included in the post, make a note in [square brackets]. 

Include the text in a social media post, up to the first 20 words, in italics.


White, B. [@BettyMWhite]. (2018, June 21). I treasure every minute we spent together #koko [Image attached] [Tweet]. Twitter.

Facebook post

News From Science. (2018, June 26). These frogs walk instead of hop: [Video]. Facebook.

Online forum post

Snoop Dogg [Here_Comes_The_King]. (2009, May 27). I'm Snoop Lion! Ask me anything!! [Online forum post]. Reddit.

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