Citing Sources -- Chicago -- Author-date style

Reference list for magazine & newspaper articles

Bibliography citations for newspaper articles closely follow the form of citations for scholarly articles, but there is one significant difference:  When a newspaper article has no author you cite it in the bibliography using the name of the newspaper as the author -- see section 14.207 of the Manual for further information.  The Manual does not explicitly say to treat magazine articles with no author in the same manner, though doing so would allow for consistency in the structure of your bibliography citations.


Magazine article:
Schapiro, Mark. 2004. “New Power for ‘Old Europe.’” The Nation. December 27.

Magazine article, with a DOI:
John H. 2001. "Scaling Up DNA Computation." Science (332)6034: 1156-1157.  June 3. doi:10.1126/science.1208068.

Magazine article, with a Web address and no author:
"Beyond the Box: Television Rushes Online, Only to Wonder Where the Money is." 2010. Economist, 395(8680): 5-7. April 29.

Newspaper article:
Lohr, Steve. 2004. "Health Care Technology is a Promise Unfinanced." New York Times, December 3.

Newspaper article with a Web address and no author:
"Hypersonic Passenger Jet to Run on Clean Fuel is Unveiled at Paris Air Show." 2011. Los Angeles Times, June 21.

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