Citing Sources -- Chicago -- Author-date style

Reference list for encyclopedia articles

Please note that chapter 15 of the Manual does not include direct examples of encyclopedia citations, so these citation examples are extrapolated from information in chapter 14.

Encyclopedia Article, no author:
"Gillespie, Dizzy."  1999. In Dictionary of American Biography.  24 vols.  New York:  Oxford University Press.

  • In this example, the entry is taken from the first and only edition of the Dictionary of American Biography.  Thus there is no edition number.  If there were, it would fall between the title of the encyclopedia and the number of volumes.

Encyclopedia Article with author:
Hansen, Mogens Herman. 1996. "Athenian Democracy." In The Oxford Classical Dictionary. 3rd ed. Oxford, U.K: Oxford University

Article from an Online Encyclopedia through the Meriam Library website:
"O'Keefe, Georgia." 2003.
In The Oxford Companion to Western Art.  Oxford, U.K: Oxford University Press.

Article from an Encyclopedia on the free Web:
"Wilt Chamberlain." n.d. Wikipedia.

  • The Chicago manual frowns on the use of access dates or last modified for webpages, but offers no firm guidance on  when they may be used versus when they may not be.  See sections 14.7 and 14.8 of the Manual for further information.

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