Citing Sources -- Chicago -- Author-date style

Reference list for Internet sources

Please note that chapter 15 of the Manual does not include direct examples of webpage citations, so these citation examples are extrapolated from information in chapter 14.

Please also note that these examples refer to Web pages retrieved from the free Internet.  They do not refer to e-books, nor do they refer to articles from databases or online encyclopedias accessible through the library.  For examples of citing these types of materials, click on the books, articles, and/or encyclopedias links to the left. 

Web Page, Author:
Nunley, Kathie2001. "The Caffeine Craze of Youth."  Layered Curriculum

Web Page, Group Author:
United Nations Platform for Action Committee. n.d. “Globalization and Clothes.”  Women and the Economy.

  • The Chicago manual frowns on the use of access dates or last modified for webpages, but offers no firm guidance on  when they may be used versus when they may not be.  See sections 14.7 and 14.8 of the Manual for further information.

Web Page, No Author:
"Leave no Veteran Behind: A Special Court Tries to Keep Troubled Veterans out of Prison.” 2011. The Economist.  June 2.

Blog Entry:
MacKinnon, Rebecca. 2010. “Internet freedom is dead. Long live Internet freedom.”  RConversation (blog).  September 27.

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