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Reference list for scholarly journal articles

Scholarly article:
Gold, Ann Grodzins. 1998. “Grains of Truth: Shifting Hierarchies of Food and Grace in Three Rajasthani Tales.” History of Religions 38(2):

Scholarly article, with a DOI:
Van Doorn,
Niels. 2011. "Digital spaces, material traces: How Matter Comes to Matter in Online Performances of Gender, Sexuality and Embodiment." Media, Culture & Society 33(4): 531-547. doi:10.1177/0163443711398692.

Scholarly article, from a library database but with no DOI:
Neer, Richard. 2004. "The Athenian Treasury at Delphi and the Material of Politics." Classical Antiquity 23(1): 63-93.

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