Child Development Research Guide

Searching hacks

Brainstorm synonyms for your topic.

Come up with a list to help expand your searching options.

If your topic is college students, you may also search for undergraduates, freshman, and also related terms like: higher education and universities.


Use the asterisk (*) to find various word endings

Searching for child* will return:

  • child
  • childhood
  • children
  • child's


Use quotes around multi-word concepts:

  • "social media"
  • "first generation"
  • "college students"

Facets, these are located on the left side in OneSearch and next to your search results

These can help refine your search

Sort- by relevance is default, but you can change to other options

Availability- this can help with  full text or peer- review journals

Subject - this can be a great source for synonyms

Date- easy way to get latest research

and more!

Google Scholar

To utilize the full potential of Google Scholar linked it to Meriam Library. By doing this you can then see if the library has the items that you want (Find It @ Chico) which will link to OneSearch.

To link Google Scholar to the Meriam Library OneSearch follow these steps:

  1. Once in Google Scholar, go to Settings at the top of the page found by clicking on the "hamburger button" / navigation bar
  2. Open settings
  3. Click on Library links
  4. Search CSU Chico; select save
  5. You may be directed to login to your portal account to verify library access

screen capture of Google Scholar search


Meriam Library | CSU, Chico