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POLS 331 - Introduction to Research Methods

Why is this article relevant to yoiur paper and research?

When writing an evaluation, you provide your reader an informative description of why this article is useful to your research. It is not simply a summary of the article, but rather why you find it useful and beneficial to use in your research.

Using this article as an example:

Sadler, Melody S., Joshua Correll, Bernadette Park, and Charles M. Judd. 2012. "The World Is Not Black and White: Racial Bias in the Decision to Shoot in a Multiethnic Context." Journal Of Social Issues 68, no. 2: 286-313. Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text, EBSCOhost (accessed February 21, 2017).

Provide an evaluation of how this article could be used in a literature review and why it is important to your paper:

This article provides research supporting racial bias and the use of force by police when presented with Black, White, Latino, and Asian males. The research in this article supports my research question and identifies that police training needs to focus on decreasing racial bias in order to decrease the use lethal force by the police force.

It is not a summary of the article, for example:

This article examines the use of force by police towards Black, White, Latino, and Asian males in the United States. The authors held a training for police officers and simulated protective tasks to determine when and against whom they would use force.

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