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Digital Literacy and Misinformation: Think Critically Tutorial

This library guide functions as a tutorial to combat information overload and misinformation. The tutorial offers a three-part video series with supporting asynchronous learning activities and resources.


Feeling overwhelmed by information? Not sure which news sources to trust? You've come to the right place to get started. This three-part tutorial has been designed to help you confront information overload as well as misinformation.

Instructions: We recommend you work your way through the tutorial in numerical order. Each session offers a brief video and a set of activities and reflections focused on the session's topic. For each session: 


  1. Look up the terms listed in the Padlet (embedded in this guide). 
  2. Watch the Video (embedded)
  3. Go back to the Padlet to try out one of the activities (it's usually a game!)
  4. After attempting the activity, please answer the reflection questions in the Padlet.

Questions? Reach out to Zohra -


Meriam Library | CSU, Chico