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Student Voices

An oral history project to preserve the many voices and stories of student experiences at Chico State.

Materials for the Student Voices Project

Learn about the Project from our presentation for NASPA

About the Student Voices Project / Sample Recordings

The Student Voices Project began in 2015 at the University of Northern Colorado, a campus much like Chico State, to introduce students to the power of their lived experiences as a historical record.  While the official records of a university archives often include administrative voices and records from those on campus in positions of power, the Student Voices Project seeks to capture stories about the lived experiences of the university's students -- particularly from students whose experiences, cultures, and stories, have been overlooked, ignored, or marginalized.  

If you want to see samples of what other students have talked about, you can view the UNC archives at Student Voices - University of Northern Colorado or click on the image below to view a sample recording.  As Chico State's archive grows, we'll be able to share our own stories with the campus and beyond!  That's why your participation is so important to our community.

Watch a sample Student Voices recording

Giselle Prieto, Karen Terrazas, and Wendy Trevizo interview, November 2021.

The Project is grateful for the work and contributions of those who have helped it succeed at Chico State, the University of Northern Colorado, and beyond.  Those individuals include William Cuthbertson (Chico State); Jay Trask (UNC); Jane Monson (UNC); Stefani Baldivia (Chico State); Blake Graham; Kendall Leon, and the many students from 2014 forward whose stories and experiences will be shared for years to come.  History is now, and your voices are telling its story.

Meriam Library | CSU, Chico