NURS 312 - Nursing Research

Evaluating Information

Scholarly vs. Popular Articles

A scholarly journal is a collection of articles written by scholars in an academic or professional field. Some journals are peer-reviewed or refereed, which means a panel of scholars reviews articles to decide if they should be accepted.

Features of scholarly journals:

  • written by scholars and subject experts with information about the author's affiliation and (usually) a contact address
  • written for other scholars and students
  • dedicated to a specific discipline, like nursing, history, women's studies, etc.
  • longer than magazine articles
  • no general advertising, color photographs are an exception
  • have extensive references

    Characteristics of a scholarly article

    • An abstract that offers a brief synopsis of the article.
    • A statement of the problem or research question.
    • A methodology of how the study was conducted or how the research was done.
    • The results or conclusions.
    • A bibliography of the sources consulted.

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