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Use the databases on the Business Subject page to find scholarly, trade, magazine, and newspaper articles. Or try the 'search everything box on the library home page. The FIND IT button will lead to full-text articles in other databases and sources.

Characteristics of a Scholarly Article

  • Always cite their sources in the form of footnotes or bibliographies
  • Are written by an authority or expert in the field whose credentials are prominently stated
  • Often have a formal appearance with tables, graphs, and diagrams 
  • The language includes specialized terms and the jargon of the discipline
  • Lengthy articles, typically more than 7 pages and often over 20 pages
  • Contain original research, experimentation, or in-depth studies in the field
  • Advertising is minimal or non-existent (if you are looking at the print or PDF version)

            Download What Is A Scholarly Article handout  
            here for more characteristics and examples.

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