Company Information


Mergent Online (database)

Use Mergent Online to view details about public companies: names & salaries of executives, financial statements & balance sheets, stock ownership, company history, and financial filings.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports to Shareholders:

  • President's Letter for management strategy
  • Sales by product, by brand, and by country
  • Balance sheet and income statement

10-Ks filed with the SEC:

  • Property ownership
  • Legal issues
  • Environmental impact
  • Executive salaries

Annual Reports are available only for companies that sell shares on a stock exchange. On company web sites, find them in the "corporate" section, usually in a link to "Investor" or "Financial" information. 

Other financial filings

The Security & Exchange Commission's EDGAR site offers other documents that public companies are required to file.

  • Form 10-Q (quarterly financial statements) 
  • Form 10-K (annual financial statements) 
  • Form 8-K (current information)
  • Form F-6 (foreign issuers)
  • Form S-1 and registration statements (new issuers) 

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