LibChat @ CSU, Chico

Co-op (formerly QP) Monitoring

We can monitor and pick up chats from both our own users (local monitoring) and from 2 co-ops:

  1. CALSTATEU - Academic (all CSU libraries using LibChat)
  2. Academic Global 24/7 Cooperative (all other academic libraries using LibChat).

To monitor the co-ops, make sure your status is Online. Click the Settings tab, and then the Co-op Monitoring sub tab, and change your status for both Academic Global Cooperative and CALSTATEU-Academic to Online. Any incoming chats will then appear on the Chats tab. When you are done with your shift, toggle your status on the Co-op Monitoring tab back to Offline.


This will then allow you to monitor the co-op queues, previously known asQuestionPoint. Our scheduled time for monitoring these queues will remain the same: Monday through Thursday from 1pm to 2pm. Springshare hires librarians to staff these co-ops when no other librarians are available. We are expected to keep up a certain answering percentage (the number of chats our librarians answer compared to the number generated by Chico State patrons), so the more chats we can pick up on the co-ops during our designated time, the better.

Meriam Library | CSU, Chico