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1. Identity Mapping

Our identities shape our lens. 

This graphic will help you create your Communities Collage. Using the graphic below brainstorm the different ways we conceptualize ourselves when we ask the question "Who am I?"

  • Some aspects of our identity are consistent throughout our lives; others change as we gain skills and grow into new roles.
  • Some aspects of our identity are very integral to who we are; others might feel more extraneous or more relevant depending on the situation. 
  • Some identities are labels we choose for ourselves; others are a reflection of how others see us.

2. Communities Collage

Once you have a good list of your different communities, you can start to make your Communities Collage.
  1. Find your favorite picture of yourself or your favorite picture from the past year.
  2. Using Google Slides, create a new slide deck and upload your chosen image. Rename the deck [lastname-firstname-CC-2023].

  3. Using the different identities you brainstormed above, Insert a different Text Box for each of the communities with whom you identify, in a high contrast text color. Feel free to add as many communities as you like, but at a minimum, there should be four. 
  4. Send a link to the Google Slide to the librarian via email sbaldivia [at] csuchico [dot] edu

If you want some insight on how to set up your communities collage, check the tab above labeled Ejemplo de Collage de Comunidades. ;-)

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S. Baldivia, 2022. Adapted from Teaching and Learning Department of CSUSM Library, GEL Research Module Lesson Plan. CC-BY-NC-SA

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