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MKTG 305 - Industry Analysis for Marketing

Use this guide to develop strategies and find sources for your environmental scan and industry analysis.

Steps for industry analysis

1. Understand the Five Factors impacting your industry/market/sector. Consider economics, demographics, competition, regulation, and technology.

2. Analyze using the SWOT matrix to consider the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats facing major companies in your industry.

3. Track and describe  trends. Consider history, present climate, and forecasts for the future.

4. Dig into professional & trade association web sites to find clues to the regulatory climate, human resources education opportunities & needs,  & management challenges. Look for sections on Research or Technology or Advocacy. (Also covered in IBISWorld > Operating Conditions.)

5. Check federal government agency web sites for  specific regulations. (Also covered in IBISWorld > Operating Conditions.)

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