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ScholarWorks for Liberal Studies Capstone submissions

Help for Liberal Studies students sharing their capstones in ScholarWorks



Congratulations on completing your Liberal Studies Inquiring Paper Capstone!

Now share it in Chico State’s Institutional Repository -ScholarWorks


This will guide to walk you through the steps of uploading your Inquiry Paper into ScholarWorks.
Questions contact:

What is ScholarWorks?

ScholarWorks is a shared institutional repository that collects, preserves, and provides access to scholarship by research communities at The California State University, including Chico State. Collections include CSU faculty publications, student dissertations and theses, capstone projects, datasets, and teaching materials.

How will it look?

You can see previous Chico State Liberal Studies student Inquiring Paper Capstones in this collection:

Liberal Studies Capstone Papers

Prep work:

Before you upload please save your Inquiring Paper Capstone as follows: Lastname-Firstname-Semester-Year-Class.pdf

Example: Kruger-Pamela-Spring-2022-EDTE490W


Self-submission instructions

Self-submission instructions

You can submit files directly to ScholarWorks, where they will be reviewed by library staff and made available.

1. Navigate to ScholarWorks

Visit ScholarWorks at then navigate to the login in the upper right corner.

Screenshot of ScholarWorks homepage highlighting login link



2. Login to Campus Login and Authenticate.

Choose Chico from the campus menu and login with campus account.

Screenshot of CSU login screen. Chico is selected from dropdown box

Screenshot of Chico State authentification prompt


3. Dashboard navigate to Home

After login you will be taken to the Dashboard, from there select Home to take you back to the main page.

Screenshot of home page link highlighted on dashboard


4. Share Your Work

Back on the main page, click on Share Your Work.

Screenshot of home page with Share your Work button highlighted


5. Select type of work

Select Project, then select Create work.

Screenshot of Select type of work, project selected, and create work button highlighted


6. Select Resource Type-Capstone project

Screenshot of resource type with capstone project selected


7. Enter the Title of your work. You can copy and paste directly from your paper. Example: The History of Chico State. (You can use sentence case or title case capitalization).

Screenshot of Title field


8. Enter your name exactly as it appears on the title page of your work into the Creator field. Enter your permanent email address so we can contact you later if necessary. This is not your Chico State email, but maybe a Gmail, Outlook, Live, Hotmail, Yahoo or other email address.

Screenshot of Creator and email field


9. Enter the abstract or summary of your capstone.

Screenshot of abstract/summary field



10. Add Files

Select the Files tab at the top, add your file or drag and drop.

Screenshot of file tab highlighted



11. Select Visibility, we recommend Public for maximum discovery.

12. Read the Deposit Agreement and check, if you agree.

13. Remember to select Save.

When you have completed all the steps there will be all green boxes checked!

screenshot of visibility and deposit agreement box


That is it! You uploaded your capstone or final project. YAY!


Please note that it will take time for the library to review, remediate for ADA accessibility and catalog (library staff will be filling out additional fields and more).


14. You should receive a verification email of your deposit sent to your Chico State email address that looks similar to this:

You have a new message: Your submission has been received

You have received a new message:

Title of your capstone. (document #assigned) was submitted by Your Name (email address) and is awaiting approval.

Visit and go to your inbox for more info.


15. Find your link

You will see a Review and Approval page with the information you submitted. In addition, you will see a URL labeled "Handle." This is a persistent URL that you can use to link to your submission.


Again, congratulations Wildcat scholar.

If you have any questions you can reach us at:


Accessible Inquiry Paper Capstone Template

Accessible Inquiry Paper Capstone Template

Meriam Library | CSU, Chico