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LBST 490 - Capstone Course

Welcome - Liberal Studies 490 Capstone

This course is the culminating learning experience in the Liberal Studies major. The Senior Capstone requires students to demonstrate and synthesize their learning across the disciplines through a well-defined research paper. In this course, emerging teachers/scholars will understand and utilize some of the research approaches and methodologies commonly used in critical educational research.

Students will be reminded of :
The Research Process

  1. Identify a problem of practice and a rationale for its investigation
  2. Review the literature concerning this problem
  3. Identify data needed to help address the problem
  4. Collect data/consult community partner
  5. Interpret the results, draw implications and give recommendations for future action

And introduced to:
General Types of Educational Research

  • Descriptive types: survey, historical, content (document) analysis, qualitative/ethnography
  • Emancipatory types: action and participatory action research

Meriam Library | CSU, Chico