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PSYC 401

Search Tips

Brainstorm synonyms for your concept. If your search is unsuccessful, try using synonyms of your keywords.

Use the asterisk ( * ) to find various word endings
Searching for
 child* finds:

- child
- childhood
- children
- child's

In Google Scholar, use quotation marks for "phrase searching" 
- "foster youth" 
- "second language learner"
- "homeless children"

Link Google Scholar to the Meriam Library

To utilize the full potential of Google Scholar linked it to Meriam Library. By doing this you can then see if the library has the items that you want (Find It @ Chico) and if not then you can go directly to ILS. To link to the Meriam Library follow the below steps:

1. Once in Google Scholar, go to Settings at the top of the page

2. Click on Library links 

3. Search for CSU, Chico; select and save

4. You may be directed to login to your portal accout to verify library access

Meriam Library | CSU, Chico