Citing Sources -- Chicago -- Bibliography style

Chicago's bibliography style of citation

Chapter 14 of the Chicago Manual of Style presents Chicago's bibliography style of citation.  This style, as described in section 14.2 of the Manual, "uses a system of notes, whether footnotes or endnotes or both, and usually a bibliography." (Sections 14.38 through 14.40 of the Manual present a discussion on when best to use footnotes vs. when best to use endnotes).

Footnotes and endnotes are formulated in exactly the same way -- the only difference is that footnotes appear on the bottom of the page on which a work is cited, whereas endnotes appear at the end of a manuscript.  Citations in a bibliography are formulated in a similar way to a footnote or endnote, but do have slight variations from the way a footnote or endnote is formulated.

Most courses at Chico State that use Chicago's bibliography style ask you to cite sources using footnotes as opposed to endnotes.  All courses require a bibliography to accompany your notes.  Ask your instructor if you have further questions about the elements of the Chicago style s/he wants you to use in completing your coursework.

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