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Getting Started With LibGuides

About Links and Lists Boxes

A Links and Lists box presents resources, online or not, with brief descriptions below them.

Descriptions are limited to 256 characters. Additional descriptive text, unlimited in size, can also be added. This text will be in a pop-up that appears when the user clicks on the info icon icon.

(See Link Options for the differences between Links and Lists, Simple Web Links, and links in text boxes.)

Star Ratings

Users can rate items in a Lists and Links box from one to five stars.  The average rating will be shown next to the title.  (The default is no rating.)


User ratings are optional for linked and listed resources.


Every kind of box in LibGuides allows you to include text at the top of the box, using the same Rich Text Editor as the text box.

Simply click where it says edit text to access the editor. Text can only be entered at the top of non-text boxes.

The text you're reading now, for example, is at the top of a Simple Web Links box. 

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