SWRK 330 - Social Work Research Methods

Article Citations

If you have a citation from a footnote or bibliography, you will need to see if the Library has the journal the article was published in.

Search Journal Title

To find an article citation, this option uses the library catalog to locate the journal and then uses the citation to locate the exact article.

For this example, this article will be used:

Connolly, J., Heifetz, M., & Bohr, Y. (2012). Pregnancy and Motherhood Among Adolescent Girls in Child Protective Services: A Meta-Synthesis of Qualitative Research. Journal Of Public Child Welfare6(5), 614-635. 

How to search Journal Titles


  • Step 2:  Go to  "Quick Links"  and select "Journals by Title".  Key the journal title in to it in to the search box and click on the search icon. Select your title from the results list. > In this example search Journal of Public Child Welfare  


  • Step 3: Click on the record for Journal of  Public Child Welfare


  • Step 4: The record displays in which databases this journal is available and for which years.


  • Step 5: Electronic version > select a database > be sure to make sure the year you are looking for is contained in this database.


  • Step 6: In the database > either select the year, volume, issue to open the correct journal OR search title of article in search box *note: put "quotations" around title of article.

Journal and Search Alerts

Some databases will let you save and subscribe to a search. Some of these include:

  • PubMed - run a search. Once you are on the results page, click the RSS icon under the search box and set your preferences for your new PubMed RSS feed.

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