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What are tickets?

A ticket represents a conversation between you and your patrons - their question, your answer, and any other replies! Tickets can also contain internal notes - for example, a conversation between you and a colleague, or an internal note containing information that might be useful to others answering similar tickets.

How are tickets created?

For the services we currently have in place, tickets can be created in a few ways:

  1. When a patron sends a message to one of your queue's communication channels:
    • Your queue's online question form or a question form widget
    • Sending an email to your queue's email address
    • When requesting a follow-up via LibChat
  2. When a staff user makes a reply into a brand new ticket.
  3. When a staff user manually creates a new ticket within LibAnswers.

Each ticket is assigned to a Queue, which is how tickets are organized in LibAnswers. For example, you could have one queue for general reference questions, another for circulation questions, and even another for tech help questions. Right now, we only have a single queue.

Follow-Up, Missed Chats, Creating New Tickets

Claiming & Transferring Tickets

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