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MCGS 310W: LGBTQ Issues and Identities

Course guide for students in Dr. Garriga-López's MCGS 310W Fall 2018 class. Contains suggested research resources and strategies.

From Topic to Research Question

Finding a Topic

  1. Think about what you already know
  2. Think about what you would like to know more about
  3. Consider how you can tie in your personal interests or identity into your research
  4. Do some preliminary research: Search online or library catalogs and databases to see what kind of information is information available on your topic


Crafting a Research Question

Reframe your topic into a specific question. A good research question summarizes an argument of social significance that the author will try to make or explore. Research questions should neither be too broad, nor too narrow. 

Developing Research Strategies 
Think keywords. Break down your research topic or question into concepts and then come up with related themes or synonyms for each keyword.

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