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Chemistry and Biochemistry

One Search

The Meriam Library's One Search service allows users to search almost all of the databases available to users simultaneously. You'll find One Search on the Library's homepage.

Specific Databases

Some users may find it advantageous to search for articles in a database that is specific to chemistry and biochemistry, or includes an easily accessible subset of relevant content. This allows them to avoid irrelevant search results that can occur in a more comprehensive search service such as One Search.

  • American Chemical Society -- American Chemical Society provides full text access to selected titles published by the American Chemical Society; covering chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, physical chemistry, and organic chemistry.
  • Science Direct -- The world's largest scientific, technical and medical (STM) database. Comprehensive and peer-reviewed titles. Over 1800 journals from Elsevier Science. Over four million articles and over 59 million abstracts from all fields of science.
  • SpringerLink -- Full-text access to journals, books, series, protocols, and reference works published by Springer.
  • Wiley Online Library -- Full text of over 1,200 journals covering life, health and physical sciences, social science, and the humanities.


Browsing Chem and Biochem Journals

You can browse all of the chemistry and biochemistry journals to which the Library has access by following these steps:

  1. Go to One Search on the Library's homepage.
  2. Select "Advanced Search" -- it appears underneath the One Search search prompt.
  3. Once at the advanced search screen, select "Books @ Chico"; then select "Subject" in the pull-down menu; then enter "chemistry periodicals" in the search prompt and click the search button.
  4. This will display all of our chemistry journals. You can display all of our biochemistry journals by substituting the word "biochemistry" for "chemistry" at the search prompt.

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