Social Work Writing and Research Tips


Citation Search

This process describes how to find articles in a bibliography or reference list.  First you will need to locate the journal in the library catalog and then the specific article.

Citation example:

Spencer, R., Collins, M., Ward, R., & Smashnaya, S. (2010). Mentoring for Young People Leaving Foster Care: Promise and Potential Pitfalls. Social Work, 55(3), 225-234.

1. Go to "Journal Search" from the library's homepage

2.  Enter the Journal Title

    •  In the example above, the Journal Title is:  Social Work

3. Click on the catalog record for the journal

4. The catalog record will identify the databases and years the Journal is available. 

    •   If there is no record of the journal then the library might not own the journal.
    •   If there is a call number, we also have it in print. "Lib. Has In Print" indicates the dates available in print.


5. Identify the publication year of the article you are looking for. In the example above the publication year is 2010. 

6. Open a database that contains the year your article was published.

    • If the database lists an open ended date (Jan. 01-, 1975- ) this means that we are currently getting the journal.
    • If there is an end date (Jan. 01-, 1993- Dec. 31, 2002) this means that we stopped getting the journal at the end date (2002 for this example).

7. Search for the article by year, volume or issue OR search the journal for the article title

    •   In the example above the
      • Year: 2010
      • Volume: 55
      • Issue: 3
      • Title: Mentoring for Young People Leaving Foster Care: Promise and Potential Pitfalls

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