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Article databases

Scholarly or trade?

  • Scholarly (academic) journals have articles which report data and theoretical conclusions based on research. The articles are lengthy and always contain a bibliography or list of cited sources. Examples: Journal of Consumer Marketing and Organization Science.

  • Trade or professional journals offer articles with practical management strategies or industry-specific marketing data.  Articles are written by practitioners, executives, or industry experts. Sources are not usually cited in a bibliography. Examples are: HR Magazine and Beverage World

  • Magazines have articles with short explanatory information on current topics. Cover stories are sueful for in-depth investigations of a topic. Articles are written by journalists. Examples: Business Week and Wall Street Journal

  • Newspapers are usually published daily and are a source of local information, editorials, and opinions. Most newspapers now publish Web sites.

  • Harvard Business Review articles are both practical and theoretical, written by scholars for executives, primarily on management issues. Content is authoritative but the articles don't have bibliographies as in scholarly journal articles. Articles are full-text in Business Source Premier and the library has back issues in print BUT PLEASE NOTE: The publisher of HBR has decided to limit printing & linking to 500 selected articles; they are read-only in Business Source Premier. If you need a print copy of one of these articles, please come to the library and look up the periodicals call number  HF5001 H3 .

Interlibrary Services

Sometimes the article you want is not available in a library database.... In that case, order it for FREE from another library. It is convenient -- articles will arrive directly in your email box.

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