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Hmong Food

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This is called Papaya salad. It's something the Hmong people made from shredding the not ready yet papya fruit. Added to it is red pepper, tomatoes, and many other sace and pastes.

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These are call eggrolls and the Hmong only make them on special occasion mostly. They are wrap in wheat like circles, inside is clear noodles, pork, carrots, celontroll, and when ready it is dipped into a sweet and sour sauce.

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The Hmong women would mostly where something like this everyday instead of a skirt.

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This is a Hmong musical instrument. They are usually made by hand with bamboos.


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Who are the Hmong?

The definition of Hmong is a person who lived in the mountain in a village throughout Southeast Asia. But Hmong people are also known similar to Mongolians and Chinese and are sometimes called Miao.

 Merriam-Webster Hmong 2013


How did they get to America?

Laotian war was known as the Secret War. The Secret war was fought against Pathet Lao a communist leader  from North Vietnam. (1)  The Royal Lao government tries to defeat Pathet Lao along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. (2) Because many Hmong were trained by the CIA's to help defeat against the communist and the Hmong people suffers the most in Laos. The Hmong General Vang Pao leader was a intelligent soldier with many war strategies. He was the one who helped the Americans during the War and help guide the Hmong towards America of being free. During the war Pathet Lao bombed Laos and it destroyed many villages and most of the bomb didn't explode leaving behind Laos contaminated with unexploded ordnance.

Back then China was defeated by communism and then communist rose in Vietnam.

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Culture/Traditional Clothes

There are two types of Hmong member. The white Hmong (Hmoob dawb) and the green Hmong (Hmoob Ntsuab). The white Hmong usually wear white skirt, but they usually wear dark trousers with a green and pink slash that hangs around the waist that comes in the front and back. The green Hmong wears a deeply pleated skirt that have a blue batik pattern on. (1) Hmong people back then believed in shamanism until they were introduced to Christianity later on.


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Sample of the Sound "Qeej"

juchongher. "Hmong Qeej Music Nchaiv Fwj Hawj Pt2." Online video clip. Youtube. 6 jan. 2010. Web. 18 July 2013

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