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This guide provides information to the Chico community on the Unified Library Management System at Chico.

The New Seach Interface

New Search Interface and Catalog Coming to the Meriam Library July 2017!


Big changes are coming to the search interface and catalog at the Meriam Library in July 2017! The library is migrating to a new library management system and with that comes a new search interface for our article and catalog search engines In fact, these two searches are combining into one multi search. Don’t worry, you can still just search for books, or just for articles, but if you want to search for both at the same time, you can! Everyone likes options, and the new search will provide you with what you need. The new vendor, ExLibris, is a library leader in innovative searching interfaces and library management systems.


This change was driven by the need, want, and desire of the California State University system to combine all 23 of our catalogs and create one massive catalog that allows us to share metadata, stop duplicating cataloging efforts, and to easily determine what other CSU’s own. Once the new system is launched, there will be more that 7 million records in the consortial catalog for the CSU. Take a look at the brief overview provided by the Chancellor’s Office.


Sharing resources is not a new concept for the CSU libraries. We have been combining our consortial power since the 1980’s by purchasing electronic material and databases to make them available to users throughout the entire system. Previously, if the CSU purchased access to a journal or database, all 23 campus would load the content into their separate catalogs. With a consortial catalog, that resource can be loaded one time and all 23 campuses gain access. We are still getting used to the new model and are excited at the opportunity to explore more collaboration.


This has been a long time coming, and now that it is finally here, it will be exciting to explore the new interface, learn the new features, and request items from other CSU’s.


If you have any questions we are here to help! Please contact:


Jodi Shepherd
Project Manager for the ULMS at Chico
Head of Acquisition, Collection Management, and Evaluation

Irene Korber
Head of Research, Instruction and Outreach
Meriam Library

Patrick Newell
Dean of the Meriam Library

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