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This guide is provided by the Meriam Library and is intended to help CSU students and employees understand what connecting their LinkedIN Learning account to their LinkedIN profile means, how to not connect the two accounts, how to disconnect their accounts, or selectively add completed modules to their profile. Connecting LinkedIN Learning to a LinkedIN profile is not required and this information can be kept private if desired by the user.

LinkedIN Learning and LinkedIN Connection

LinkedIN is an in-depth online tutorials for thousands of different software products, including products from Adobe, Apple, Google and Microsoft. Topics include web development, photography, video, music, and much more. LinkedIn Learning is provided by ITSS. Unlike most library resources, using LinkedIn Learning will provide your name and email address to the vendor. You will be asked to associate this information with a LinkedIn account but you can decline to do so.

When signing up for LinkedIN Learning you will be asked if you want to connect your LinkedIN account. This is an optional step. If you link your LinkedIN Learning and LinkedIN profile, the work that you do in LinkedIN Learning may be able to be seen by connections on the LinkedIN social site. LinkedIN Learning is a platform provided by ITSS, the social media platform LinkedIN is not a CSU Chico supported application. Once a module within LinkedIN Learning is completed, you can choose to share it on your LinkedIN Profile or not. On the Privacy Information page for LinkedIN Learning Learners outlines what your organization and network can see. Additionally, by connecting LinkedIN Learning to your LinkedIN profile, the LinkedIN privacy policy applies, which includes a clause to share data with LinkedIN affiliates (3.4).

LinkedIN Learning lists the benefits of linking your accounts as learning from industry experts, customized recommendations, and trending courses in your profession. This also means LinkedIN is using your data to make these recommendations.

The Meriam Library is providing the information below to help CSU Chico students and employees make the decision to separate their LinkedIN Learning accounts from their LinkedIN social accounts if they choose to do so. The library and the American Library Association support the privacy of users by safeguarding library use data (See the Library Bill of Rights). While LinkedIN is not a library provided database, we are taking the step to let patrons know that there are options to limit what is seen on your LinkedIN profile.

Disconnecting a LinkedIN Learning account from a LinkedIN profile requires an email to LinkedIN. Please see the tab on the left "Disconnect Your Account" for instructions on how to disconnect these profiles.

When Signing Up for LinkedIN: Not Connecting LinkedIN Profile

When signing up for LinkedIN Learning, you will originally be asked to connect your LinkedIN Profile or not. If you select Connect my LInkedIN, this allows connections from LinkedIN to see your courses. If you do not want to have this information displayed on your LinkedIN profile, then select "Continue without LinkedIN".

If you select "Continue without LinkedIN" you will be prompted another time to connect your LinkedIN profile. Once you select an answer this time, you are not prompted again.

You will also find that Q & A is turned off if you did not link your LinkedIN profile.


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