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POLS 155 - American Government: National, State, and Local



This guide is currently being updated.


Search Steps

Welcome to the POLS 155 Library Guide. This guide is intended to help students locate articles for the Town Hall assignment. The Town Hall assignment requires students to find relevant, trustworthy, factually accurate, and current news articles.

Use Keywords to search for articles on your topic.

For Example:

Topic: Violence in Society

  • Keywords- use similar words such as violence, crime, or violent crimes
  • Find alternative keywords:  guns, gun control, domestic violence, law enforcement, weapons, crime rates

Combine terms with AND, OR, NOT example:

  • Crime AND gun control
  • violence OR crime

When evaluating articles, look for articles that address the five W's:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why

A few reminders about what you are looking for:

  • Articles must have a human author (not anonymous, AP, or not listed).

  • Find articles that are NEWS.  Opinion, Editorials, Personal Interest, OP-Ed, Blogs, Movie Reviews are not acceptable.

  • Use articles that are long enough to provide some detail and background on your issue.

  Other Sources to Use

meriam library | csu, chico