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eBook Collections

 The Meriam library now provides access to CSU faculty and students in  seven major eBooks collections, as well as individual titles selected by faculty and the library. Licenses from these publishers allow you to place links to these eBooks in your online courses. The seven  collections are:

(1) Gale Virtual Reference Library
(2) Oxford Reference Online
(3) Safari Books 
(4) ACLS Humanities E-Book
(5) EBSCO ebooks
(6)  CQ Political Reference Suite
(7) Ebrary and the Ebrary corporate homepage

To search for an eBook in the library catalog select  keyword, author, or title  from the first drop down menu. Next enter your search terms. Then  select "eBooks" from the second drop down menu. Now hit the "search" button.

If you want to see all the  eBooks that allow for unlimited simultaneous users, do a Keyword search and type "unlimited simultaneous users" in the  keyword search box. Next select "eBooks" in the 2nd drop down menu. Now hit the "search" button.  If you want to add more search terms click on the "Modify Search" button at the top of the page.

You can also  do an "advanced search"  to get more search options. Select  "EBOOKS" in the "material type" limiting field, and enter your search terms in the "any field" box, and then click the "search" button.

 For instructions on how to find and construct links to eBooks in your online course please see the instructions at 

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