NSCI 321 - Scientific Inquiry

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I am available to meet with you if you need more help. Meeting with me is a great way to ask specific research questions and/or find further/difficult information. Please send me an email to set up an appointment: rarteaga@csuchico.edu 

What is a Scientific Paper?

Don't know much about scientific papers? Want a quick review? How can you tell if the paper is a quality resource? Check out the links below to find out:

Interlibrary Services (ILS)

Interlibrary Services (ILS) allows you to request items not directly available from the Meriam Library. The service is quick, easy to use, and almost always free. Often the ILS link is provided directly in the database and is the easiest way to submit a request.  Follow the "FIND IT" link and click the link Request your item through Interlibrary Services. You can also fill out the information directly through the request form.

To use the system, you must first set up an account. Notifications about items are delivered to your email address. Remember you must save any electronically delivered documents as ILS clears them from your account after 30 days. For more information please see ILS FAQs.

Link Google Scholar to the Meriam Library

To utilize the full potential of Google Scholar link it to Meriam Library. By doing this you can then see if the library has the items that you want (Find It @ Chico) and if not then you can go directly to ILS. To link to the Meriam Library follow the below steps:

1. Once in Google Scholar, go to Settings at the top of the page

2. Click on Library links 

3. Search for CSU, Chico; select and save

4. You may be directed to login to your portal account to verify library access

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